Story Challenge, Keywords: Hand, Castle, Torch, Keyhole

As usual, time set was not long enough, or I decided to pen too many words – the story ends mid sentence and mid thought.

It was a long trudge up the hill, finally we made it to the last summit and there in front of us rose the CASTLE, dramatic in moonlight reflected off glistening snow.

We walked around the moat, two sets of footprints crisp and deep, looked across at walls rising high above – could we get across?

1st corner, 2nd then third, finally we saw the drawbridge – phew!

As we crossed the sparkling water, moon and stars twinkling above and below we drew near the PortCullis, slowly it rose sensing our right to enter.

Into the castle we strode stopping in front of a solid oak door, light shining like a TORCH through the KEYHOLE.

Raising my HAND I pounded on the door requesting entry….