Treading through LockDown

I walk. Not serious hill or trail walker striding for days on end with breathtaking scenery. I’d love my walks to start on a country lane, or hillside, the bank of a river… they don’t. I walk out of my front door into urban exercise.

And now, Covid19 LockDown 2020 I aim at 10,000+ steps each day, I try hard to get there! Walking currently around the house, around the garden, around my imagination.

“I’m off for a walk Dear!” I say heading out front to MudPatch Meadow and WahingBowl Lake. Past WheelieBin Avenue you can see and hear Solitary Bees feeding on BlueBells and CowSlip, buzzing off to their underground chambers. Butterflies flutter round a bush.

Seventyfive strides to circuit it all, round and round, round and round again, dropping twigs from my pocket each time I mount and descend Doorstep Climb – till I run out and know I have made over 5,000 footprints.

Cartoon Bod carrying his large pencil, pen and brush tin
After all that walking looking for somewhere to rest, Doode & Scrawl

In the evening I set my timer, 10 minutes walk, LivingRoom Trail, KitchenWindow to BackDoor View, past Stair Well to StairCase Mountain till beep beep beep. Resting for 10, write, read, watch TV. Beep beep beep and off again, 10 minutes, a thousand steps a time till I’ve reached my final 10 or 12 or 15.

And rest…