Beach Walk

COVID now, so not walking on the beach…. except maybe in my mind. To stop myself busily doing things as I keep on launching myself into ‘little’ tasks I sat down for a relaxing draw.

Beach Walk

And I must say, it did the job, distracted me from distraction and promoted at least a bit of self healing.

It is annoying though to see tasks mounting up.

Snoozing on the Beach

We were given a HOOK at writers group to complete a 15 minute writing exercise, completed we logged back onto zoom becoming StoryTellers as we sat and read and listened. A most enjoyable evening.

A quick edit later, well more like rewriting with a few word changes and the picture redrawn twice – mostly so I can send it to my GrandChildren… voila!

When I make up stories for the grandchildren they often like to join in. Rather than finish the story I’ve left it where I stopped after 15 minutes,

Beauty lifts the heart

January & February can be difficult months, cold, lack of energy to get moving, motivation down at low levels.

Looking up the the silhouetted conifer branches.

Battle through toward the reward of being out and about. Amazing effect on energy, health, heart. Recovery from my op has been long, constantly analysing, why did that happen, what makes this better, trying to go beyond my abilities – but then setting boundaries hoping eventually they will disappear.

Spaghetti Junction of branches.

Must admit to getting fed up, same parks daily, but do always enjoy come wind rain or sunshine. Today I determined to look and notice anew, or maybe to increase appreciation by looking more carefully at what I already know. So I trudged, looked around, pointed my camera…..


Drizzly Ramble, Parchment & Dipping Pen.

Start writing it says, I’ll let my pen flow.

A ramble to my local park, drizzle, damp underfoot – and chilly. A power of good to get blood flowing, warming old bones.

Spring’s begun its push on winter, new signs of growth if you look. When may I pack away my winter coat, for now pleased to have one.

My morning spent writing letters, Manuscript & Dipping Pen, drawing cards and making envelopes and now, delivered by hand, will be opened and read or nestling on a doormat.

Story Challenge, Keywords: Hand, Castle, Torch, Keyhole

As usual, time set was not long enough, or I decided to pen too many words – the story ends mid sentence and mid thought.

It was a long trudge up the hill, finally we made it to the last summit and there in front of us rose the CASTLE, dramatic in moonlight reflected off glistening snow.

We walked around the moat, two sets of footprints crisp and deep, looked across at walls rising high above – could we get across?

1st corner, 2nd then third, finally we saw the drawbridge – phew!

As we crossed the sparkling water, moon and stars twinkling above and below we drew near the PortCullis, slowly it rose sensing our right to enter.

Into the castle we strode stopping in front of a solid oak door, light shining like a TORCH through the KEYHOLE.

Raising my HAND I pounded on the door requesting entry….

Treading through LockDown

I walk. Not serious hill or trail walker striding for days on end with breathtaking scenery. I’d love my walks to start on a country lane, or hillside, the bank of a river… they don’t. I walk out of my front door into urban exercise.

And now, Covid19 LockDown 2020 I aim at 10,000+ steps each day, I try hard to get there! Walking currently around the house, around the garden, around my imagination.

“I’m off for a walk Dear!” I say heading out front to MudPatch Meadow and WahingBowl Lake. Past WheelieBin Avenue you can see and hear Solitary Bees feeding on BlueBells and CowSlip, buzzing off to their underground chambers. Butterflies flutter round a bush.

Seventyfive strides to circuit it all, round and round, round and round again, dropping twigs from my pocket each time I mount and descend Doorstep Climb – till I run out and know I have made over 5,000 footprints.

Cartoon Bod carrying his large pencil, pen and brush tin
After all that walking looking for somewhere to rest, Doode & Scrawl

In the evening I set my timer, 10 minutes walk, LivingRoom Trail, KitchenWindow to BackDoor View, past Stair Well to StairCase Mountain till beep beep beep. Resting for 10, write, read, watch TV. Beep beep beep and off again, 10 minutes, a thousand steps a time till I’ve reached my final 10 or 12 or 15.

And rest…

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton