I enjoy walking, a bit of art work and writing, be it a letter or creative word. Whilst walking a sentence or doodle may come to mind. Unless I capture it there and then, it is gone forever.

Sometimes I’ll go for weeks randomly drawing, other times concentrating on the writing. I do try to walk everyday, but life can get in the way.

For now, everything goes in in one blog, one journal, one place. Maybe if it gets too laden I’ll sort them out into different sacks. For now though just pick through the jumble… Enjoy exploring!

Blog Sack: random thoughts, stories & art

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  • May Writing Challenge
    Thought I’d give you a taste of what we write about in our 15 minute Challenges. Fifteen minutes, because we meet on Zoom and get chucked out after 40 minutes. […]
  • Dawn on Camp
    Camping is a favourite activity of mine, life changes direction and slows down. Cooking on fire, messing about in streams, going on long hikes – and a highlight always of […]
  • Artist Smock
    Growing up in the 60’s these were quite common, not patchwork nor patterned, made in a canvas type material, called smocks. Artist’ Smock? I am sure shepherds smock was of […]
  • Coronation Day
  • Leather Hiking Boots
    By Teddy Entwisle They had climbed mountains and traversed moorland, commons and parks, mud, rock and grassland, climbed shingled screes. They had paddled streams, sunk deep in bogs. Walked upon […]
  • Smugglers Cove
    Across the bay skimmed his skiff, finally heaving landward they nosed into Smugglers Cove. “Three minutes and back in the briny.”
  • StoryTeller Dice
      One of the delights of an unpaid Zoom account is time limits. No matter what’s being said, the meeting closes after 40 minutes. If you pay for your account, […]
  • It’s the little things.
    What makes you laugh? A chuckle often passes my lips whilst I amble through my chores. Maybe seeing I’d put the sugar bowl in the fridge, or hung the washing […]
  • 100, by Teddy Entwisle
    First published at Friday Flash Fiction, a site where most story entries are restricted to just 100 words. I enjoy creating a storyline, then seriously editing my work down to […]
  • Shot
    First published at Friday Flash Fiction, a site where most story entries are restricted to just 100 words. I enjoy creating a storyline, then seriously editing my work down to […]
  • It’s International Day of the Sparrow
    Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I remember our urban backyard against the background sound of traffic being an oasis of birdsong. Blackbird, thrush, robin redbreast, finches, very rarely […]
  • Hidden, In Plain Sight, by Teddy Entwisle
    My sofa buzzed, phone buried deep within. I had been heading for bed, the message could be important! It wasn’t. Did pique my interest though. Geocache published 2 miles away. […]
  • Decade, by Teddy Entwisle
    As he ran footsteps echoed in the narrow street behind him. Ducking through an archway he flattened himself against a wall gaining a few seconds before they realised and returned. […]
  • In My Phone Case…
    My phone comes loaded with so many useful gadgets, I suppose they are apps, to me though they’re gadgets. There’s an FM Radio Player for data free listening, step counter […]
  • For some it is still Advent
    Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. For some as they pack away from summer holidays focus turns to laying Christmas plans. The Christmas Eve mad shopping dash […]
  • A Valuable Hour.
    Eldest GrandDaughter has been quite unwell, hopefully on the mend now. Today I video called her, chatted a while then we settled on a game. Each armed with paper and […]
  • Unexpected Gift CCW21Nov2022
    Task: letter thanking for unexpected gift. Time: 15 minutes. Greetings, Has been a while since I scrawled a few words. You know, inspiration comes and goes, it hides in unexpected […]
  • Restoration
    Gazing at the book in my hands, it had been repaired in the past, layer upon layer of silver fabric tape garishly ugly in appearance, though it had provided good […]
  • Heron at CherryHinton Hall
    Not a long walk but enough to stretch the legs. At half way I paused to draw Master Heron standing lazily amongst the reeds. Resting, recharging, awaiting his next meal? […]
  • The Story of Zacheus
    ©️ Dominic Barton Aug2022 Good with numbers and very small He’d take your money, keeping almost all Made him rich, and very poor all that cash, no friends any more […]
  • Introducing Zacheus.
    May I introduce you to Zacheus, a very LITTLE man. He lived in Israel in a very big house. He was a very rich man. He made his money collecting […]
  • A Tree Stump With a Difference
    ©️ By Dominic Barton Tue27Sept2022 CCW Story from Three Words 20 Minute Challenge: PawPrints, Telephone, Football No surprise, I was out for one of my walks away from the busyness […]
  • Chas’ Holiday Hero
    ©️ By Dominic Barton Thu1Sep2022 Chas loved coming to Norfolk on holiday with his family. They all had fun together. What would they do today, play on the beach? Climb […]
  • Skimming
    Jon ran to the lake. Thirty years since he’d been this way. Could he still do the right thing!? He carefully selected three pebbles from the shoreline. He knew he’d […]
  • Insomniac
    One two… six seven.. sixty seventy! Neither eyelid slumped, sleep didn’t come. The previous night thunder crashed across the sky, I didn’t stir. Yet in tonight’s hush my mind buzzed. […]
  • Dawn
    Peering through the flap I could see Muntjac graze hedgerows. Rabbits lolloped along hopeful for juicy treats. Soon I’d stir, for the moment though content, watching as night changed to […]
  • My Pencil and I
    Pencil always treads the path beside me, instantly ready, doodling a sketch, scrawling a note, a letter, a novel or an unforgettable idea. Without his help these would be forgot. […]
  • That’s Way Too Far!
    Walking along the beach Bob heaved a sigh of relief, they were camped just beneath the lighthouse which he could now see. He was tired, ready for a lie down. […]
  • Hiking Through a Wild Summer’s Day
    By Teddy Entwisle first published on Friday Flash Fiction   A day without hiking is incomplete. We climbed out the valley, crossed 3 more, squelched through bogs and finally crossed […]
  • A few doodles
  • Morning Routine
    “It’s time to leave!” She screeched “I can’t find my book!” ”Where’s my phone?“ “I’ve lost an earring!’ Time seemingly evaporated having surfaced an hour before from a restful nights […]
  • Random Generator: Fish, Agony, Man
    Spring sun melts snow caps to water, trickles, merges, forming tiny brooks. Brooks run together, cascade round rocks, drop, splash, combine, forging strong currents journeying down mountain, through valley, across […]
  • Diabetic Daze
    by Teddy Entwisle   I gazed out of the window, ‘Why had I walked into the kitchen?’ The garden looked pretty, but that wasn’t the point. Absentmindedly I washed a […]
  • A Six Year Old’s Hike
    Exhausted from walking all day the bus home gave her just enough rest to re-energise
  • Craig Face
    by Teddy Entwisle My six year old feet first climbed the Craig ignorant of danger. My ten year old feet were confident, I had climbed this way many times before. […]
  • Jubilee
    I waved a bit more and – actually this was fun! But then Charlotte pulled me back telling me to stop. She can be so bossy!
  • The Tow Path
    Originally written as an exercise at The Flash Fiction Group of ACW, on or around Good Friday 2022   I shifted my rucksack to a more comfortable position. Where possible […]
  • Sock
    ‘Ping!’, who was messaging me? In the photo Hannah grinned at me wearing a sock on her ear. Grabbing an odd sock from the coffee table I did the same, […]
  • Jonah
    A partial narration in the first person. Life could get no worse, running away. Running fast in the opposite direction. Now look at the trouble I’d caused! I did nothing […]
  • Beach Walk
    COVID now, so not walking on the beach…. except maybe in my mind. To stop myself busily doing things as I keep on launching myself into ‘little’ tasks I sat […]
  • Snoozing on the Beach
    We were given a HOOK at writers group to complete a 15 minute writing exercise, completed we logged back onto zoom becoming StoryTellers as we sat and read and listened. […]
  • Beauty lifts the heart
    January & February can be difficult months, cold, lack of energy to get moving, motivation down at low levels. Battle through toward the reward of being out and about. Amazing […]
  • Drizzly Ramble, Parchment & Dipping Pen.
    Start writing it says, I’ll let my pen flow. A ramble to my local park, drizzle, damp underfoot – and chilly. A power of good to get blood flowing, warming […]
  • Story Challenge, Keywords: Hand, Castle, Torch, Keyhole
    As usual, time set was not long enough, or I decided to pen too many words – the story ends mid sentence and mid thought. It was a long trudge […]
  • Treading through LockDown
    I walk. Not serious hill or trail walker striding for days on end with breathtaking scenery. I’d love my walks to start on a country lane, or hillside, the bank […]
  • The Journey Begins
    Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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